Estrella Galicia: The beer that caught Spain by surprise

This beer from the north-west region of Spain, Galicia, is a beer that a company started to brew in 1906, when the historically poor region started to amount wealth.

Estrella Galicia used to be a beer that was only sold in Galicia, but due to very high demand in the rest of Spain, they started to distribute throughout all of Spain and has become a success due to the high end feeling it has while being cheaper than craft breweries.

It has a toasty taste which comes from the 100% natural resources they use to brew their beer. It has many different beers one of which is the gluten-free version of their classic beer, and in my opinion, the best gluten-free beer in the market.

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As a celiac, I was very excited when many large-scale breweries announced they would be making gluten-free versions of their beers and although I was impressed for the most part, once i tried Estrella Galicia, I would always choose it if available. Some other beers come close like the Mahou gluten-free version but the Estrella Galicia has both a toasty taste and does not have the bitter counterpart most toasty beers have.


Here’s a link to their website:


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